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SX550T-CM common lathe CNC system

SX550T-CM common lathe CNC system Controllable axis: 3 and linkage axis: 2
  • Product description

●Controllable axis: 3 and linkage axis: 2

  ●System resolution: 0.001 mm

  ●Max speed: 25000mm/min

  ●Machine speed: 1~12000mm/min

  ●Digital input/output: 40dot/32dot

  ●7″color LCD graphical display and multiple language menu operation interface

  ●Program memory is 1024KB and IC card provides more than 2MB space to store NC code

  ●Linear, circular, screw and conic interpolation

  ●Auto acceleration and deceleration: linear type, exponent type and parameter adjustable

  ●Machine breakpoint protection and recovery

  ●Machine path graphics dynamic and real-time display

  ●Full screen program display, online edit and checkout function

  ●Hand wheel control program tests machining speed

  ●Back backlash compensation, screw error compensation, tool nose radius compensation and tool length compensation

  ●Ethernet interface for LAN control and remote technology support

  ●Perfect self-diagnostic system and malfunction alarm system

  ●Plenty of loop command