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FOCAL system

FOCAL system 8 4 10 4〞color LCD
  • Product description

●8.4 10.4〞color LCD

  ●32-bit DSP multi-microprocessor control system with perfect Performance

  ●Non sliding mold, single sliding mold and double sliding mold are optional

  ●Pressure and speed accurate control by setting pressure and speed plots in user interface

  ●Magic eye error, emergency stop and molding opening double safeguard, inter safety circuit control

  ●Input mold name in Chinese/English, can store 100 sets of mold data (extendable to 600 sets), can store mold data in IC card

  ●I/O ports changeable

  ●Special events check when heating staff container and protection function

  ●Perfect self-diagnostics function

  ●Phonetic alarm

  ●Unique data memory patent; Multi-level password for data safety

  ●Fuzzy control of 7 sections of temperature with accuracy of ±1oC;heating and heat preservation function

  ●Thermoelectrical couple protection, open circuit and short circuit check function

  ●2 ways of proportional analog output of pressure and speed; close circuit safeguard

  ●D/A proportional output of voltage and current; current output range 0-3A,voltage output range 0-10V,convenient for control of flow control pump and servo valve.

  ●Limit switch, double/triple position transducers are optional

  ●16/24, 24/32 and 32/32 digital I/O ports are optional