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F3800 system

F3800 system 5″Chinese English LCD graphical display
  • Product description

●5″Chinese/English LCD graphical display

  ●Multi-microprocessor control system

  ●Real-time and dynamic display

  ●4-stage injection, 3-stage pressure and 3-stage plasticizing

  ●2 groups of core and threaded core

  ●7-sector temperature fuzzy control and the control accuracy is ±2℃

  ●46 sets of mold data can be stored

  ●IC card can be used to store mold data

  ●Each action pressure, flow rise/drop can be adjusted independently

  ●Pressure and flow simulation scale output

  ●Stroke switch, double position transducer and triple position transducer can be selected

  ●Perfect self-diagnostic system

  ●32 input ports and 32 output ports