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Shanxing series product of F3600 intelligent plastic control computer have passed the technology ach
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 August 5, 2003,The specialist composed by Shenzhen Science and technology bureau, appraise the science and technology achievements to the items of F3600 intelligent plastic control computer which are developed by Shenzhen Shanxing computer Co.,Ltd ,and they all cognizanced that F3600 keep ahead in national ,and have reached the advanced level in international .


  The product have developed by Shanxing Co. for many years ,and have many patent technique of self-determination knowledge property right ,the system adopt 32bit high performance CPU ,and firstly embed the network function in system, it can realize the long distance monitor, service and online technique support ;and can realize the function, such as product quality manage ,fail sound alarm, technics parameter help ;The pressure /speed ratio curve can be adjust form page ;and it have perfect performance –price ratio .Its prevalence application can maximum advanced the national plastic machine level .