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Collectivity technology of special computer for plastic machine of F5000 arrive at international adv
Date:2019-07-22 10:30:08 Hits:0

“Collectivity technology of special control computer for plastic machine of F5000 have reach the international advanced level”, the science and technology production appraisement committee listen to the develop technology summarize report, and audit the technology information of the verify report and checkup report ,after examine at field they all approve it .Shenzhen science and technology ministry organize the expert to Shanxing Computer Co. ,Ltd at assembly room of six floor and appraise the science and technology achievement of special control computer for plastic computer of F5000 which is developed by the company itself .


  It adopt fuzzy control technology of F5000 , and has the IC storing function ,can realize the correct control and the offline memory of mold No. information of the barrel temperature of plastic machine ;the system has friendly user interface and ample function , fine openness ,and easy to realize the control and management integral based on Ethernet Network .By means of the I/O module design and D/A(Pressure/flux )control technology of high precision, and increase the reliability and security .