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In July ,2004 ,our company obtained "science and technology advancement prize " awarded by Shenzhen enterprise develop and advance committee .
 In May ,2004, Sh anxing company declare that " New record of the Shenzhen enterprise " and "New record of the national enterprise " with 17 titles ecnomy and technology guideline ,and it is commended by Shenzhen industry economy union for the most quantity
 The product was ranked in "national torch plan " and "national emphases new product plan " of 2000
In May ,2004,The F5000 plastic special computer has passed the science and technology achievement appraisal ,the specialist all consider the technology has reached the national advanced level
 In 2004 , "Shanxing Computer " brand obtain nominate prize of famous brand of most possess force
 Plastic machine special computer of F3800 obtain the science and technology advancement second-class prize of Shenzhen in 2004,and recommend as second-class prize of Guangdong Province
 The sales volume of Plastic special computer are the first of the national and the international to 2003.
 Shanxing company is enrolled in "New register of the Shenzhen enterprise " with 17 titles, such as "The most patent technology of plastic machine computer " , ect,in 2003
 Shanxing company is enrolled again "New record of the national enterprise " with the economy technology guideline of "plastic machine computer sales volume "
 In December ,2003,Shanxing company acquired eighth "New register of the national enterprise " gold prize
 In July ,2003,plastic machine special computer of F3600 ,F3800 passed the science and technology appraise ,and reached the national and international advanced level
 In 2003 ,Shanxing company is cognized as "high and new technology " by Shenzhen
 In 2003 ,Shanxing company obtained the title of "excellent heavy small and medium-sized enterprise " , and at the same year , the company became the first information build support unit of Shenzhen
 In October ,2003 ,plastic machine special computer obtained Baoan "science and technology advancement first-class prize
 In October ,2003, General manager Fang Zhiqun obtained "science and technology warden prize " awarded by Baoan People's Government